Founder Story

The Footprint of a Visionary

Md. Noorul Quader was the pioneer of the 100% export-oriented readymade garment industry in Bangladesh. The RMG sector was built on the foundations laid down by Mr. Quader’s leadership principles.

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The inception of the industry can be attributed to his pioneering techniques and adept technology utilization in the establishment of Desh Garments Ltd. Presently, the RMG sector commands a significant 84% of the nation's total export revenue, owing its remarkable prominence to the unwavering endeavors of Desh Garments, establishing them as true forerunners in this trade.

A dedicated patriot of Bangladesh, Mr. Quader was born in 1935 in Tongibari, Bikrampur. He initially embarked on a career path within the Air Force, which regrettably was curtailed by an unfortunate accident. Undeterred, his indomitable spirit and pursuit of remarkable achievements persisted. In the aftermath of 1954, he pursued higher education in Economics at the University of Dhaka, a testament to his commitment to intellectual growth.

A Patriot’s Roots

Mr. Quader's profound devotion to his nation was unparalleled. His involvement in the Liberation War of 1971 underscored his unwavering commitment. He distinguished himself as the establishment secretary of the Mujibnagar Government and also held the distinction of being a secretary of liberated Bangladesh.

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Social Warrior

In the aftermath of the 1971 Liberation War, Mr. Quader's resolve to embrace fresh challenges intensified. His vision propelled him to establish ventures that would open new horizons for the nascent nation of Bangladesh. Consequently, Desh Group of Companies was founded with a strategic focus on delivering proactive solutions to address unemployment.

Noorul Quader Social Warrior

Career Blueprint

Among his numerous significant contributions, Mr. Quader assumed the pivotal role of being the inaugural president of the official national tourism organization, Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation. Additionally, he held esteemed positions within the Bangladesh Government, presiding over diverse ministries including Government Affairs, Communications, Railways, Shipping, Waterways, and Airways, among others.

Career Breakthroughs

  • Established Desh Group of Companies in 1974
  • Pioneered the 100% export-oriented RMG industry in Bangladesh
  • Formed Desh Garments Ltd. in 1978 with Daewoo of South Korea
  • Devised the back-to-back letter of the credit system
  • Established a duty-free bonded warehouse system
  • Facilitated training for 130 young men and women in technical and marketing

The Birth of the Revolution

Desh Group commenced its journey in 1974, giving rise to Desh Garments Ltd. in collaboration with Daewoo of South Korea in 1978. Mr. Quader, in a quest to establish a robust technical and marketing team, dispatched 130 individuals to Daewoo's facility, shaping the foundations of Desh Garments.

Mr. Quader orchestrated the innovative application of the back-to-back letter of credit system, effectively resolving financial challenges within the RMG sector. He also pioneered the bonded warehousing system, bolstering industrial resilience. With a profound commitment to employee welfare, he fostered an environment conducive to individual growth within the organization.

Noorul Quader Revolution