Social Contribution

We at Desh Group of Companies believe that when people are given a chance, they take a step closer to achieving their dreams. Sometimes, a lack of opportunity can be the most formidable barrier to success. Desh Group of Companies is helping to create opportunities for people of all ages in Bangladesh. By giving back to our community, we are watering the seeds of potential within these dynamic individuals.

The company is a keen investor in education and art through the Muslim Girls High School of Mymensingh and M. Noorul Quader Foundation.


Desh Group's visionary founder, Mr. M. Noorul Quader, possessed an unwavering commitment to nurturing art and culture. Esteemed artists Quamrul Hassan and S. M. Sultan, luminaries in the realm of Bangladesh's artistry, numbered among his close associates, for whom he orchestrated exhibitions, demonstrating his enduring support.

During the late 1970s and early 1980s, Mr. Quader's patronage extended to burgeoning artists, empowering them to showcase their talents on a broader canvas. In homage to Mr. Quader's fervor for promoting Bengali art and culture, Desh Group of Companies inaugurated the M. Noorul Quader Foundation in 2000.

The foundation continues to pay tribute to his legacy by organizing two annual creative competitions:

  • An art contest catering to Bangladeshi students aged 3–15
  • A book competition inviting Bangladeshi authors of children's literature to participate

Art Competition

Chosen participants are required to convene at a designated venue in Dhaka, tasked with crafting artwork centered around a designated theme, all within a confined timeframe. Esteemed Bangladeshi artists scrutinize the paintings, and the triumphant individuals are subsequently unveiled during a formal ceremony, wherein accolades are conferred.

In addition to bestowing first, second, and third prizes, the foundation committee also presents a series of "Encouragement Prizes." These incentives are designed to foster continued growth among students, particularly those from less privileged backgrounds, and motivate them to persistently cultivate their artistic talents.

Art COmpetition

Book Competition

Annually, the foundation issues a call for entries, inviting Bangladeshi writers and publishers to submit their literary works.

A panel of prominent Bangladeshi children's book authors meticulously evaluates the submitted books. These entries are recognized and honored in various categories such as Rhyme/Poetry, Novel, and Liberation War.

Acknowledged authors are bestowed with substantial monetary rewards, accompanied by commendation plaques and certificates, in recognition of their accomplishments.

Book Competition

Situated approximately 120 km north of Dhaka, Bangladesh, in Mymensingh, the Muslim Girls High School traces its origins back to 1911 when it was established by the late Alimuddin Khan, grandfather of Mr. Quader.

In 2001, recognizing the growing demand for student accommodation, Desh Group of Companies stepped in by financing the construction of on-campus housing for students.

Presently, the M. Noorul Quader Satri Nibas, the student hostel, serves as the residence for 125 students throughout the academic year.

Mrs. Rokeya Quader, the current chair of Desh Group of Companies, serves with pride as a member of the school's governing body.

Muslim Girls High School Mymenshing