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Desh Garments Ltd., established in 1977 by Mr. M. Noorul Quader, stands as the firm that spearheaded the 100% export-oriented RMG sector in Bangladesh, solidifying our position as a leader. His visionary initiatives laid the groundwork for Bangladesh's export-driven RMG industry, notably pioneering the bonded warehouse and back-to-back letter of credit systems.

Desh Garments

Our inception materialized through a joint venture with Daewoo of South Korea, marking a significant milestone for Bangladesh's exports, driven by contemporary apparel-making technology. The company's evolution saw us transform into the first public limited company in the country's garment industry. Our remarkable achievements include earning the President's National Award and the Grand Prix for Commercial Quality in Europe, a testament to our highest export earnings, involving 5 million annual pieces.


Desh Garments operates a shirt manufacturing facility in Chattogram, Bangladesh, serving prestigious clients including Kohl's and PVH in the USA.

What We Make

We craft shirts for men, women, and children. Backed by our skilled internal design team, we adeptly transform conceptual designs into tangible and marketable products.

Materials Sourcing

Our materials are procured from Bangladesh, China, and Thailand. However, we also welcome the opportunity to source materials from other reliable partners.


Our Chattogram facility, situated in Bangladesh's port city, stands as a modern production center and the nation's inaugural public limited garment factory. Committed to fulfilling your RMG manufacturing requisites, we are dedicated to creating exceptional 100% export-oriented garments while upholding equitable labor practices and environmental consciousness.

Manufacturing Volume

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Factory Floor Space

Square Feet Across 9 Acres of Land


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Number of Factories

Located in Kalurghat, Chattogram


At Desh Garments, we firmly uphold the right of our employees to work within secure and comfortable conditions. Our commitment lies in crafting exceptional products while honoring the labor rights of our factory workers and the environment. Our endeavors drive positive change by championing equitable labor practices and fostering environmental awareness.

We are actively progressing towards implementing ISO 9001:2015 quality management system standards, ensuring consistent delivery of excellence to our customers. Desh Garments takes pride in its association with esteemed social responsibility organizations and initiatives:

  • The Bangladesh Accord Foundation
  • AFBWS (Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety)
  • BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative)
  • WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production)

The Bangladesh Accord Foundation

Endorsing Desh Garments as a compliant supplier, The Bangladesh Accord Foundation affirms our alignment with acceptable workplace conditions encompassing factory inspection, remediation, health and safety, and worker training.

AFBWS (Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety)

Constituted by a consortium of North American clothing companies, brands, and retailers, AFBWS emanated from the Bangladesh Worker Safety Initiative. This five-year endeavor seeks to enhance worker safety within Bangladeshi garment factories. The Alliance, comprising 27 member companies, is a key importer of Bangladesh's RMG exports to North America, sourced from a network of over 650 factories.

BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative)

An enterprise-driven endeavor, BSCI facilitates the enhancement of workplace conditions for retailers, importers, and brands. Committed to sustained supply chains, BSCI advocates adherence to national labor laws and ILO Conventions safeguarding workers' rights. BSCI offers a methodology – distinct from an auditing or accreditation system – to uplift workplace conditions.

WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production)

Headquartered in the United States with a global presence, including Bangladesh, WRAP operates on the foundation of ILO Conventions, encapsulating the 12 Principles that encompass employee management, health and safety, and environmental considerations. The WRAP Certification Program enforces a rigorous monitoring and accreditation process, ensuring garments are produced under lawful and ethical working conditions.

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