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Tutelar Oil Services


Looking for the best foreign industrial products to help grow your business? Tutelar Oil Services can help. Tutelar Oil Services was the first company established by Desh Group, in 1974. Today, we’re an authorized agent in Bangladesh for the quality products of:
  • Bühler
  • IBL Boilers
  • AirHorse Compressors
  • Samhwa Paints

Tutelar Oil Services
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We’ve represented Bühler in Bangladesh since 1978. A Swiss company with a global presence, Bühler is a world leader in industrial process technologies. Bühler builds machines that process raw agricultural materials – rice, wheat, maize, rye, barley, and others – into high value end-use products like food, animal feeds, and biomass. Bühler’s machines are reliable workhorses and easy to use. They handle, clean, grade, sort, grind, blend, mix, and shape raw materials. From roller and hammer mills to pellet mills and mixers, Bühler has both turnkey and standalone solutions.

Rice and Flour Processing
Rice, wheat, and maize (corn) are important agricultural products of Bangladesh. As an authorized Bühler agent, we can outfit your business to be efficient and profitable with the right processing machines. Turn your raw materials into valuable end-use products.

Rice Processing
Rice is arguably Bangladesh’s most cherished grain. With Bühler’s legendary build quality and reliability, you can be sure that your rice processing needs will be met. From start to finish and every step in between, Bühler makes a range of rice processors: intake, pre-cleaning, paddy storage, polishers, optical sorters, and bagging.

Wheat and Maize Flour Processing
Wheat and maize (corn) are increasingly valuable food crops in Bangladesh and can be processed into flour. Byproducts of wheat can be processed into cereal bran and germ. Raw wheat can be milled into premium-grade flour and modified flour, which is used as binding agents, in cereal bars, and cake mixes. Raw corn can be milled into masa flour and arepa flour to make corn flour-based snacks and bread.


IBL Boilers

IBL Boilers designs and makes:
  • Boilers (process and power)
  • Turbines (steam)
  • Thermic fluid heaters
  • Autoclaves
  • Emission controls for boilers (electrostatic precipitators, cyclonic dust collectors, bag filters)

IBL is one of the biggest steam boiler makers in India. With its team of enterprising engineers, IBL stands at the frontier of boiler-making technology in terms of both research and development. IBL’s products are exported to Eastern Europe, Africa, the Middle East, South Asia, and Southeast Asia. Now, for the first time, they’re available in Bangladesh through Tutelar Oil Services.


AirHorse Compressors

AirHorse Compressors are made by Jufeng Compressor Co Ltd., an ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001 certified company based in Guangzhou, China. The company researches, develops, and builds air compressors, air dryers, and air filters among other products. Jufeng’s products are sold worldwide, particularly in the Asia Pacific region, the Middle East, South America, and Europe. Products are used in diverse settings like textiles, mining, shipbuilding, and hospitals. AirHorse screw compressors are easy to install and maintain, whether they’re belt driven, direct drive, or tank mounted. Their meticulous design allows them to be used in temperatures up to 55 degrees Celsius. Around 80% of the compressor’s parts are made by famous European brands. Compressors are available as:

  • Belt driven
  • Direct driven
  • Tank mounted


Samhwa Paints

South Korean-based Samhwa Paints has been in the paint business for more than half a century. The company incorporates environmental awareness into its management principles. Guided by an awareness of “environmentally friendly growth,” Samhwa makes ecologically sensitive products like water-based and low-toxicity house paints and powders. Samhwa also makes a range of specialty paints and coatings:

  • Waterproof floor paints
  • Flame retardant and UV coatings
  • Food and beverage can coatings (inside and outside)